Why samsung galaxy is better than iphone

Why samsung galaxy is better than iphone

The Best Smartphone in the Market: Samsung Galaxy or iPhone

Samsung Galaxy or iPhone? The market is flooded with smartphones of different brands, operating systems, and prices. Which one should you buy? This article is meant to helping you all for better extra knowledge..The first decision to make is which operating system you prefer. Apple's iOS is basic and intuitive, while Samsung's Android has more features and options for customization. Most people are split on this choice. If you are an Apple user, the new IOS 11 might not have any major changes for iPhone users but it will be more compatible with the newer iPad Pro models like the iPad Air 2 (now discontinued) and enhance your experience on iPads in general. If you're an Android user, the newest version of Android is Oreo which will focus on battery life improvements as well as other small tweaks that will make it.


Why does iphone have so many users when they cost more than other smartphones ?

iPhones are more expensive than most other smartphones, yet they have the most users.

The cost of an iPhone is more expensive than many other smartphones on the market. Yet they have the highest number of users.

Why is this?

Apple has a good reputation for producing high-quality products. They are known for their innovative technologies and sleek designs that are not available on any other devices on the market. This is one reason why people are willing to pay more for an iPhone when they could buy a less expensive phone with similar features elsewhere.

Another reason why iPhones have so many users is because Apple does not allow you to download any third-party apps from outside sources without jailbreaking your device - which means you can't install apps from anywhere but the Apple App Store. 

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What Makes Samsung Galaxy Better Than iPhone ?

IPhone and Samsung Galaxy are two of the most popular smartphones on the market.

The first reason that Samsung Galaxy is better than iPhone is that it has a more powerful battery. This allows you to use your phone for longer than if you were using an iPhone.

Another reason why Samsung Galaxy is better than iPhone is because it has a significantly larger screen. The majority of users want a phone with a larger screen so they can view more information on their phone at once.Lastly, one of the best features about Samsung Galaxy's camera is that it takes photos in high resolution. With this feature, there will be fewer blurry photos which means you'll have better quality pictures to share with your friends and family members.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Review - Will it be worth your money?

Nowadays, smartphones are getting more and more expensive. Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the latest models from the Korean giant, promising to be a top-notch performer with an affordable price tag.

In this section, we will be going over what you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S9 before deciding if it is worth your money or not.

The first thing you should know is that Samsung Galaxy S9 does not come with a headphone jack. So you’ll have to use a wireless headset or get yourself some Bluetooth earbuds in order to enjoy your favorite tunes on your phone in peace.

The next thing that you need to know is that the triple-camera lens on the back of this phone has been redesigned for improved image quality and better low-light performance

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Why samsung galaxy note 7 not allowed in flight and having strictly prohibited?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned on all flights due to the high risk of explosion. The Federal Aviation Administration is banning the phone citing concerns about lithium ion batteries overheating.

There is no firm date for when the ban will be lifted, but once it has passed, passengers will be able to bring their smartphone containing up to 160 grams of lithium-ion battery mass.

What samsung galaxy is the best?

There are many different samsung galaxy models, and each one has its own benefits. The samsung galaxy s9 is the most recent phone released by the company and is a top model. It has an excellent camera and a fast processor, and it is water resistant. The samsung galaxy note 9 also has an incredible camera, but it does not have a headphone jack.

Where is samsung galaxy stores ?

Samsung Galaxy, as the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, has an extensive distribution network. The Samsung Galaxy stores are available in many countries and regions all over the world.

Samsung's Korean-language website lists the locations of its stores worldwide. The company also operates a U.S.-based store locator and a global store locator that provides information about its online range of high-tech.

What samsung galaxy phones are waterproof ?

Samsung galaxy phones are waterproof. They can be submerged in water for up to 1 hour without damaging the phone or its electronic components. This is thanks to the IP68 rating which means that Samsung's waterproofing has passed rigorous tests which verify that it can withstand contact with dust and dirt, as well as high-pressure water jets.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also compatible with wireless charging pads.

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